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Hacienda de Molinos Hotel is located on the bank of the Calchaquí River in Molinos town, right next to National Route 40 and in the center of the Calchaquí Valleys in Salta province, Argentina.

Salta offers the most various climates and landscapes all year long. In less than 3 hours, you can travel from the city to the desert and experience from warm weather conditions to the cold sunny weather of the mountains in the area of the green valleys, going past the subtropical forest which leads to the Puna in Los Andes mountain range.

Molinos is 2,150 meters above sea level. The weather is dry, arid and there is a wide temperature range. During the day, it is sunny and rarely cloudy. Rainfalls are scarce and do not exceed 200 mm per year. The average annual temperature is 12ºC; the highest temperature reaching 25ºC in December and the lowest temperature 9.4ºC in July.

Geographic Coordinates: between 66º 01' and 66º 58' West longitude and between 25º 8' and 25º 58' South latitude.

How to get to our hacienda

From Salta to Molinos along the “Camino de los Colorados” (Open browser window)
From Salta to Molinos via Cafayate (Open browser window)
From Salta to Molinos via Cachi (Open browser window)

Molinos, Valles Calchaquíes - Salta, Argentina | Info y Reservas: Tel 54 3868 494094 / 94944 | info@haciendademolinos.com.ar
+54 9 3876 84 8090
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