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Molinos, Valles Calchaquíes, Salta, Argentina

Hacienda de Molinos Hotel is located on the bank of the Calchaquí River in Molinos town, right next to National Route 40 and in the center of the Calchaquí Valleys in Salta province, Argentina.

Salta offers the most various climates and landscapes all year long. In less than 3 hours, you can travel from the city to the desert and experience from warm weather conditions to the cold sunny weather of the mountains in the area of the green valleys, going past the subtropical forest which leads to the Puna in Los Andes mountain range.

Molinos is 2,150 meters above sea level. The weather is dry, arid and there is a wide temperature range. During the day, it is sunny and rarely cloudy. Rainfalls are scarce and do not exceed 200 mm per year. The average annual temperature is 12ºC; the highest temperature reaching 25ºC in December and the lowest temperature 9.4ºC in July.

Geographic Coordinates: S 25°26'18", W 66°17'31"

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Salta - Molinos along the Camino de Los Colorados

210 km. / 3.30 hs. aprox. via RN68/RP33/RP42/RN40

To drive from Salta to Molinos, take National Route 68 which runs through Cerrillos and La Merced until you get to El Carril. Then, turn right into National Route 33 which runs through the Quebrada de Escoipe (Escoipe’s Gorge) and the Cuesta del Obispo (Bishop’s Slope). At the Recta del Tin Tin (Tin Tin straight road) turn left into Route 42 leading to Seclantás and going past Los Colorados. Once there, go across the bridge over the Calchaquí River and make a left turn into National Route 40 until you finally get to Molinos town.

Before reaching Seclantás, and shortly after driving past Los Colorados, you will access the Artisans’ Route. Standing beside the route, you will find craftsmen working on their looms made of ‘cardon’. We recommend that you visit Tero Guzman’s, a well-known weaver for its ponchos and other woven items.

Salta – Cafayate: 186 km./ 3.30 hs. via RN68
Cafayate- Molinos: 116 km. / 2.30 hs. via RN40

To drive from Salta to Molinos via Cafayate, take National Route 68, which runs through Cerrillos, La Merced, El Carril, La Viña, Talapampa and the Quebrada de Las Conchas (Las Conchas Gorge), until you finally arrive in Cafayate.

Once in Cafayate, take National Route 40 which runs through Animaná, San Carlos, the Quebrada de la Flechas (Arrows Gorge) and Angastaco until you reach Molinos town.

Salta – Cachi: 157 Km./ 3.30 hs via RN68/RP33/RN40
Cachi – Molinos: 46 Km. / 1:15 via RN40

To get to Molinos via Cachi, take National Route 68, which runs through Cerrillos and La Merced until you get to El Carril. Then, make a right turn into Route 33 which runs through Chicoana, the Quebrada del Escoipe (Escoipe Gorge), the Cuesta del Obispo (Bishop’s Slope), the Valle Encantado (Enchanted Valley), the Piedra del Molino (Millstone), the Recta del Tin Tin (Tin Tin straight road) and Los Cardones National Park until you finally get to Cachi, shortly after driving past Payogasta.

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